How to Turn $LEO into $RUNE

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So you may have heard that the first LEO bounties for providing liquidity in the wLEO pool was paid out the other day. It's awesome. I park money and get paid!

I have a lot of LEO though, and I wanted to diversify a little bit into one of my moon shots: $RUNE

Now there are a couple RUNE pairs on Uniswap, but I don't know enough to research whether they are legit or not. So yeah, I went to a centralized exchange in binance.

So the steps I go through in this video were:
LEO -> wLEO (paid gas)
wLEO -> ETH through Uniswap (paid gas)
ETH -> Binance ETH (paid gas)
Binance ETH -> Binance BTC (small trading fee)
Binance BTC -> Binance RUNE (small trading fee)

Overall I paid about 5 bucks in fees I think and it took about 15 minutes. Not too bad, but there's definitely room for improvement. I know @trumpman is pushing for a RUNE/LEO pair, which would simplify this quite a bit.

This same process can be used to turn $LEO (a layer-2 HIVE token) into just about any other crypto asset.

credit: @mariosfame

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