Interactive Brokers is Going to Lose My Business

29 days ago
1 Min Read
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Interactive Brokers (IB) has gone to the dark side and is actively limiting trading opportunities on $AMC.

I'm done with them.

This trade you see in the image above is a debit spread on $AMC. With a $0.60 debit, each spread should cost $60. For the $781 of margin impact they are showing here, I should be able to get 13 contracts, not 1. This is a 10x trade if $AMC goes above $20.

They are clearly just trying to reduce trading on $AMC so the big boys can crush buying pressure.

Total. Fucking. Bullshit.

I was bitching about this in discord and @khal was able put the trade on in TastyWorks. I hope I get a commission.

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