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Other interesting unintended consequence of the DEC BOND which is pretty cool... burned cards get a 20% bump. That could be just enough if some people have cards "dying on the vine" and could be more beneficial to burn especially if DEC price jumps.

Not quite understanding this part. Do you mean the cards that would get staked in lands would get a 20% bump if you had a bond that you bought for a 20% discount?

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Sorry, i misspoke earlier to reply to this. If a card is burned, DEC is generated, and if that DEC is used to purchase a DEC Bond then yeah essentially a player would get a bonus on top of the normal burn value toward the benefit amount towards the future expense the DEC Bond would be used for.


Oh, I see.

Are many cards being burned these days? Or within 20% of burn rates?

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I would guess virtually none nowadays. More of them probably would if they were getting close 120% of the peg value created by DEC Bonds. That would be the hope of burning up most of the DEC available in game, but who knows? There are a fair amount of reward cards I would guess that are close to sale inside of that sweet spot if the bonus amount were indeed 20%, that of course would be the gigantic factor in all of it.


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