Fortune Doesn't Understand the First Rule of Crypto

Coinbase was out with bad earnings, and the stock dropped. In their quarterly report, they included language as required by the SEC:

Monster Maverick Show Replay 2022-04-26

3 weeks in a row. It's a Splinterlands miracle! On this show we talk about Chaos Legion packs - how many people are really holding…

The Crypto Revolution is Heating Up

I've said before (many times, for years) that holding crypto is a revolutionary act. Here's one post about why that is:

Salty Elon Haters Teach Us About Lifestyle Cost

] So our ole favorite crypto pump n dumper Elon Musk tweeted the other day about how he's paying more income tax than anybody el

Another Example of Why We Need Crypto

Despite knowing better, I browse reddit a fair amount. Today, I came across this gem: I'm not going to link to the post because the…

[Splinterlands] Why Are Lands Valuable?

OK, not really free. Plots are going for about $500 right now. With the growth rate that Splinterlands is going through right now, I…