The DeFi market is growing all the time

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I follow daily what's going on in the DeFi market, mainly in the Binance Smart Chain area, because the current commissions on the Ethereum network don't allow me to use it comfortably (fortunately, transactions on Hive are free). How is it with this growing DeFi market?

I checked myself the price histories of the most popular tokens that are related to DeFi and that I own or in which I participate. So CAKE from PancakeSwap is constantly growing as if it had no "stable" end, BUNNY from Pancake Bunny also has excellent growths and Uniswap is also a sin not to mention. Since the memorable airdrop the price has risen from $5 to $38 achieving an increase of over 660% since September that year.

Cub Finance from @leofinance seems to be holding in the $2.5 to $3.5 amplitude. Of course, there is nothing to bode 100 percent for the future, as this is a relatively new project with a promising future. If only because we are seeing more and more posts on Leo Finance's Twitter about the upcoming LeoBridge project, which I wrote about here. I currently have two investment strategies there. The first is a classic Stake CUB, so to speak, with reinvestment every few days. With the current interest rate of 123% I'm able to get over 230% of return by reinvesting. I will write another post about this. The second strategy is the DEC-BUSD pool, which is the implementation of the @splinterlands currency in the DeFi market, which I have repeatedly written that it is a great initiative to grow the market and familiarize people with this great game.

The DeFi marketplace has proven to be something of a breakthrough in the cryptocurrency world. It allows us to automatically exchange currencies between us and (usually) an AMM project, such as Cub Finance. Besides, it allows us to earn on various pools of liquidity thanks to which we earn on commissions and on the possible increase in the price of a given asset. I will describe this mechanism shortly.

Nevertheless, we must remain vigilant, because not every project will be a good project. There were cases of Rug Pulls, where the creators robbed tens of millions of dollars. Such projects should be avoided. About the methods of checking whether the project is reliable I will also write a separate post soon, so I encourage you to observe my blog, so that you do not miss important information from the world of DeFi, Hive and cryptocurrencies in general. I assure you that it is worth it.

About these and other topics I intend to devote my nearest time while blogging on Hive. I will also introduce you to the @dcitygame - a city simulator based on the Hive ecosystem and unique NFT tokens.

Thank you and until next time, Nervi.

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