May/April Newsletter | Time For a New Blockchain | NFT Studios

Hello Hivians, NFT Studios are delighted to share a special 2 month packed newsletter that covers April and May. It's a been a crazy 2…

The Official ChiFiBots Whitepaper

Hello Hivians, We hope your day has been great! As the NFT Studios team prepare for blockchain week in early April in Miami we'd like to…

NFT Studios March Update | More Base Set Packs For You! ChiFiBots Lore

Hello fellow Hivians, NFT Studios is back again with a monthly update. Below you will find some of the highlights of our journey and…

ChiFiBots Indiegogo Campaign | Exclusive Beta Bot | Game Updates

Hello wonderful Hivians, We have recently launched our Indiegogo campaign that features an exclusive ChiFiBot called "Beta Bot" w
3 mo

The Ups and the Downs Of Creating a Play To Earn game

Well hello there, If ya don't know who I am on Hive, I don't blame ya. I would say I suffered from a long period of "burnout" when I…

NFT Studios February Update | $103,000 USD Raised!

Hello sweet Hivians, We're back to give an update on our wonderful January and plans for February. We smashed our 50K Hive pre-sale…

ChiFiBots Update : 1 MORE WEEK | $75K USD Raised | AMA | Only 1000 Day One Starter Packs Total!

Pre-sales Ending Soon There's officially under one week left to get your [ChiFiBot pre-sales](

ChiFiBots HIVE Pre-Sale: Funding Reached & Stretchgoals Announced

_On January 1st, we launched the [ChiFiBots trading card game pre-sale](

ChiFiBots Pre-Sale: (NEW) Play To Earn Robot Trading Card Game By NFT Studios

TLDR: NEW Play To Earn TCG game from the creators of One Up. Tiers Remaining: UPDATED DAILY Sales end: 31st January ![
4 mo

The 1UP-Cartel Is Growing Quickly: Investments, Operators and Content Initiative

_The @oneup-cartel is not even two weeks old but is already a massive hit for our young ONEUP blockchain gaming and NFT community on HIVE.…

The 1UP-Cartel: A Meta-Guild For Blockchain Games & HIVE Community Gamification

HIVE - A Metaverse For The Metaverse HIVE is embracing its full potential of tokenized communities, blockchain gaming, di
5 mo

Special Rising Star & 1UP Coop-Card Available Now: Win 3x "Juan Up"

1UP is a HIVE community dedicated to blockchain games and NFTs, so we are naturally expanding into all HIVE games by cooperating in…
7 mo

1UP For ONEUP: Delegation Program, DAO and Liquidity Pools Are Active

_Let's start into the second week of 1UP with tons of new features and announcements. We have activated the DAO, created two liquidity…
7 mo

1UP - A New HIVE Outpost For PlayToEarn Blockchain Games And NFT Assets

A new Hive-Engine token has been created, called ONEUP. It powers a new outpost community called 1UP, which is dedicated to the blockchain…

NFT Studios Presents: The Great ONEUP Token Giveaway! (Get 100 Tokens For FREE!)

The Giveaway link: Hello Hivians, we would like to (re)introduce ourselves. [NFT Studios](h