Hive price is slowly rising with the tide.

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A rising tide rises all boats.

It's great to see a bit of green this month with Bitcoin making almost 40% gains in the past 30 days. We're still a long way back from the heights of early 2022 but it makes a difference to see numbers in the green again.


Back to back green days lifts to mood of the whole community and even for us here in hive you can see the drop off in activity from people posting as the token went south to 25c.

Long term users are here regardless but a lot of the newer ones dropped off like it always does. It was encouraging to see how many of the old guard turn up day in and day out regardless of the markets and even I was surprised to see how many projects are being built here at the moment.

Every day I'm seeing something new and exciting this week. We have a community of builders here and it's starting to show. Even outside of the work that blocktrades is doing to improve to performance of the chain we can see a lot of older projects improving their apps and a lot of newer projects getting ready to launch.

It gets me excited.

Some of the latest posts just from this week:




Hivedex & Cast garden:



Dlearn from hashkings:


That's a lot of developments for one week.

And it's not even the full list. Just the ones that I have seen on my feed.

We might be rising with the price of bitcoin but at some stage this has to change.

There is too much happening on Hive and too many people building here not to see the price decouple at some stage.

Maybe not this year but over time i'm betting on Hive seeing a lot of green bars all by itself.


Slow and steady growth.
That's a nice looking chart.

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Momentum builds on momentum. I am glad to see BTC rising and pulling others up with it. Maybe $0.50 for Hive isn't too far off!


The bear has finally left and now we can all be happy again 😀


It's nice to see the prices go back up and it's pulling everyone back along with it. The increase in Hive is also making my HBD goal a lot easier.

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