Maxing out my chaos deck for splinterlands: Part 3.

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How many cards are in the chaos legion?

As we move forward in splinterlands it looks like it is going to be very important to have a well rounded chaos deck as the season splits into two leagues.

There are no definite sums here but looking at a rough guide to see what would be involved.

  • Common 29 cards, roughly $40 each = $1160
  • Rare 28
    • Monsters 23 cards, roughly $35 each, = $805
    • Summoners 5 cards, roughly $402 each = $2012
  • Epic 17 cards, roughly $90 each = $1530
  • Legendary 22 cards, roughly $91 = $2150
    • Doctor Blight, $1200

That's looking like $7,534 for a full set not including Doctor Blight which would bring it up to $8,734 in a rough estimate.

Then there are the future airdrops which will add a bit more to the total going forward. But we won't count them for the moment as i hope to have this section completed before then.

I started monitoring this just one month ago and have made a lot of progress in just a short period of time from my splinterlands income and nothing else.

You can read back further into my progress if you are interested.

Maxing a chaos deck.

Maxing a chaos deck part 2.

The end of season is always a good time to stock up on cards after the extra earnings from rentals.

Current state of affairs.



  • Common (4) 29
  • Rare (17) 28
    • Monsters (16) 23
    • Summoners (1) 5
  • Epic (4) 17
  • Legendary (13) 22
  • Doctor Blight (0) 1

At the time of my first post I had a total of 13 out of the 125 possible cards.

The last time i have managed to build up as far 25 as out of the total 125.

This time I am up to a total of 38 cards maxed out of 125 with a few more leveled up and almost over the line.

That's another thirteen cards maxed out in the past two weeks.

I'm using the strategy of maxing out the cheapest option every time that I don't already have. The prices change constantly so it is just a matter of working my way up the list.

Prices not dropping too much for the moment but rentals are picking up so every card that i can buy now is there to be added to the rental market and speed up the process to buy the next one.

Some of the legendary cards are still quite expensive but i'm hoping to see a slight drop over time.

Every day is another chance to buy a few more cards from rental income and keep growing out my deck. I can then try to keep adding a few more legacy cards once i get there but it will be a while before i have the funds spare to make those big purchases.

The next steps.

The next steps are very simple.

  • Increase my battles.
  • Increase my rental income.
  • Sell off reward cards.
  • Buy up more chaos legion cards.

It all about maximizing my returns and buying the cards that i still need for the lowest prices possible.

It's hard to know which way the markets are going to go over the next few months but as a person committed to the long term value of my deck and the game in general I want to keep growing every single day.

It's a long term goal and while a lot of people seem to be cooling off the game since the summer if you look at the stats it does show that splinterlands is still growing and still developing nicely.

Weak hands are being shaken out while the rest of us can pick up the cheap cards and get ready for the future.

Try for yourself.

If you haven't played the game before then now is the best time to join. Today is much better than tomorrow and a lot better than later.

Cards worth a few cents now will have a much higher value in the future as the print runs out. We have a strong community and seen this happen every time as it grows with the game.

Link to the game here,


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Very nice you're getting there! I would seriously suggest getting there in the next month or two if at all possible because when packs start running out and voucher shop releases with more vouchers and SPS need including the new packs for SPS only things are going to start getting much much more expensive.

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Slowly getting there alright. Hopefully the end of season will give me a nice DEC boost to buy a lot more cards.

The only problem then is all of the other cards that need to be filled out form the beta deck. :D

I don't thin that it will ever end for the collection.

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I can't even imagine having full decks lol. I'm playing in bronze but finally starting to win my matches which means I'm learning a little something. I'm scared to buy stuff or trade out my random alpha cards for cards that I use in battle but I imagine I will become more comfortable playing the game. Chaos really slowed me down because I was still learning the old meta.

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There was a time that i couldn't either but then i put a little money into the game and a lot of time.

Eventually you build up a strong enough deck to win more prizes and grow faster.

Just like every other part of crypto it takes time or money to grow.
Lots of practice and pick up a few strategic cards and you will be able to move up the ranks a little bit. Get a good base to grow from.

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I think the time will pay off for me. I'm getting more interested in the game for sure

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Prices are starting to get more expensive DEC-wise but I guess if you are buying and selling within the same time period, you should be fine price-wise. Is there any reason why you prefer to sell off the reward cards? Do you already have them maxed out?

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11 mo

Looks like you are doing a great job on the way to maxing your CL cards. You may even finish by the time the two formats will be rolled out, which would be fantastic.

11 mo (edited)

Making good progress for the past couple of weeks.
Rental income has gone up a bit so i've been able to keep buying a batch of new ones every few days.

Hopefully i will be most of the way there by the time the new format drops.


Thanks for sharing! - @marianaemilia

Thanks for sharing!