RE: Maxing out my chaos deck for splinterlands: Part 5.

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Have you tried an auto rental service yet?

I am making much more profit since i joined one and they do all of the hard work for me with a bot.

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I checked one out. From their auto-analysis of my account, I am doing about 12% less with my cards than their algorithm would on average, which means I'm doing better on average, when we count in the 20% fee they have. But I tweak my rental deck sometimes a few times per day.

What I didn't understand from their site is, what kind of control do they need over the rental account to auto-manage cards? Private key? Posting permission? Something else?


They need the private posting key but what i did was to set up a couple of specific rental accounts and move extra cards over to them.

They have no control over moving cards or tokens without an active key so nothing can be moved out of you account.

From what i have seen so far they have brought up my daily returns by about 50% so 20% of the total is well worth it with no time spent on tweaking prices. I earn more by doing less but each to their own for it.

I just find the service extremely handy since i started using it.

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I may test them as well. I'll think about it. Tweaking only takes a minute or so, a few times a day.


Definitely rental market is up again but I agree with you that it's improving especially in lower levels, which opens some avenues of profitability.
I'm interested in those auto-rental services... can you direct me to any?
Thanks !!

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