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I saw your post and you literally have hundreds of upvotes. How do you manage to amass such a crowd?

A lot of them come form voting trails on the system. Some people with hive power have automated their votes to copy what other users do.

i'm lucky enough to have built up a big following over the past five years that includes a lot of the larger accounts and these are the people that others follow.

If you can get a vote form the biggest users they usually come with other votes attached.

I am so thankful to have you here, and it is such a pleasure to be able to learn from you. I have just followed you, and would definitely love to continue to learn from you if you are fine with it!

Happy to help any new users to get involved but it will take time and effort. Lots of comment and even join a few contest or challenges to get noticed.

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Thank you so much! Well though I have been here for probably a year, most of the activities are quite repetitive and rarely did I do something different, perhaps that is why it has been slightly stagnant.

If that is the case, by chance any idea how or what I may do to get attention/votes from the bigger users?