Taking baby steps.

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Learning how to grow one stage at a time.


Sitting here on the couch and watching my baby take her first steps is quite funny.

First she rolled, then she crawled, then she stood up and now she is walking.

She is still so early.

A few years ago I took my first steps into crypto. Or so I thought.

In reality i rolled around not knowing how to stand up. Then over time i learned to crawl around the eco-system. With time I stood up and could see around me. Now I like to think that i am walking.

I'm still very early and so are you. It is still a long way until I am up and running comfortably over long distances.

The same goes for hive as well. It took a long time to stand up on our own two feet as an ecosystem and we are a long way from running marathons as a blockchain.

These things will come over time as we all mature together and learn more about the world around us. As we gain tools to do more with our time. Learn how to do more one stage at a time.


At every stage of life we like to think that we are very grown up. From our first steps to becoming a toddler and into the teens.

The funny part being that no matter how old we get there is always more growing up to do. Every milestone in life leads to another one to hit.

Every stage of growth just opens up more opportunities to learn and to do more.

Hive is very similar.

Every step of growth just leads to more growth and more opportunities. Every tool gives the chance for others to build with it and hit the next milestone.

Just this week I have seen two new apps launch and found three new games in development.

Peakd are building tools, 3speak are building communities, others are building apps and blocktrades is building function.

We are still so early in the game that it can be hard to see from down here. It will take a while to start walking but at least we are beginning to stand up and see more opportunity.

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Every living thing is cute when it's small, Just like the animal you shared a picture of.


Great analogy! It is exactly the same as with growth in the real life... We all began as babies in crypto and I remember well how it was back in 2017... Yes, 5 years have passed, but I have a feeling that I'm maybe at the exact "human" age in crypto.. like 5yo child... So much more to learn, discover, explore, to invent! I would say that the oldest crypto-gurus are like 18yo, max... 😃


Everything in life is process, we just have to keep moving

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It takes time to build and step through the entire process. So I definitely agree that it takes time and the applications are definitely being built here on Hive. That is why I believe in Hive.

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