Some Ideas for Unofficial Ranks for Proof of Brain

Image Source Hey Brainiacs! Those who've been following me for a while may have seen me post up some "Unofficial

Unofficial Ranks For CTP Tokens - May 2021 Update

Image Source It's been 2 months since the last Unofficial Ranks update so I'm sorry about th

What The FUD? Crypto & Mental Health

Image Source Wow! Plenty of uncertainty in the crypto markets flying around at the moment along with the fear and doubt thanks t

Forget Cold Storage, Go "Deep Freeze" Storage

Crypto Security One of the things I've been learning about and diving more into with crypto is cold storage as I'm intending on HODLing…

Getting Started With MusicForLife's VFT Lab

Image Source

Unofficial Ranks For VIBES Tokens - April 2021

Image Source Hey hey Music & Crypto Lovers - "Unofficial Rank Master" Nicky H here with

HIVE PUD & Token Stake Day (VIBES, CTP, LEO & Many More)

Image Source It's here folks! We all know that "every day is power up d

Taking Out Crypto Loans Via Celsius (UK)

Image Source Loans, Glorious Loans I thought I'd try taking a loan out against my crypto with C

Mining Techno Beats, Not Crypto - Hive Exclusive

Remember Mining KOIN? Anyone remember when KOINOS launched it's easy-to-use miner a few months ago? Well, I think it might have bee

Update On LEO & HIVE Power Needed Per "Rank" - March 2021 Update

Image Source What a crazy month it has been in the world of LeoFinance with the launch of C

Zero Knowledge To Understanding DeFi Via CubFinance In 30 Minutes

Image Source Dipping My Toes In Decentralised Finance or DeFi has always been something that totally bamboozl

3 Years On Hive - Forever Learning

Image Source 3 Years The other day, I received a notification from @hivebuzz that I've been happily usi

Playing Around With The New VIBES Miner

Image Source Another miner that came to the

Unofficial Ranks For VIBES Tokens

Image Source What's going folks? "Unofficial Rank Master" Nicky H here and I'm back with another entertaining

Playing Around With The New LOTUS Miner

Image Source Last week seemed to be the week

Power Up Day Is Here - Who's Getting Involved?

Image Source Hell yeah! I've been looking forward to this day since the

How's Your "Crypto-Life Balance"?

Image Source I've been reading a couple of blogs over the last few days on LeoFinance where

February Update From Havey HQ - cryptocurrency & music

Turbulence I really must get in to the habit of blogging from my website more but I've been having a lot of fun on another platform called

Useful Ethereum Gas Fee Tracker On Brave Browser

Image Source Cooking On Gas You may have noticed that there's a big issue at the mome

HIVE Power Up Day Is Coming - Are You Ready?

The phenom that is @traciyork has started the warm-up to HivePUD aka, Hive Power Up Day, where every one with a Hive account is encouraged…