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I don't know about you, but I find this crypto world totally fascinating. Even though I first stepped foot in the industry at the peak in December 2017 and seeing my portfolio value evaporate (on paper), the learning curve hasn't plateaued at all. In fact, I'd say it's got steeper in the last 3 years! In that time, I've had to learn where to get reliable information from to help make informed decisions and get a bigger picture of what's going on in general. With that, I'd like to share with you some resources of information that I regularly check to keep me informed or give a pick-me-up should I wish to squash any feelings of FUD thrown my way haha!


I stumbled across RealVision when I was recommended a video by YouTube's algorithms (turns out they can come in handy sometimes) and it was called "How the World Will Change in 2021" by Rich Dad Poor Dad podcast. In this 30 minute video, Robert Kiyosaki interviews Raoul Pal (Founder & CEO of Real Vision) who retired at 36 after being heavily involved with institutional hedge fund management and tells us of a "wall of money" coming into crypto in 2021. Here's that video:

I was intrigued from this and checked out RealVision's site where you can sign up for free for their daily crypto videos where they have structured interviews with various CEOs of various large companies that share their point of view. You can really see how companies are approaching Bitcoin now and see the application of other blockchain technologies such as Ethereum in different industries, including how it can be used in the music industry among others.

Celsius Weekly AMAs

If you signed up with RealVision, you may have seen the interview with Alex Machinsky from Celsius who gave insights about regulation in various aspects of the crypto space, as well as talking about the Celsius lending app, which is by far my favourite discovery in crypto lending.

However, each week, Alex and the team at Celsius have a 90 minute Ask-Me-Anything (AMA) where insights in to the crypto climate, how you can use your crypto as collateral for a loan rather than sell it and all round transparency about the developments of their company with talks with special guests from institutions occur. Here's their latest video and the AMAs happen every Friday at 1pm Eastern time

Coin Bureau

I first discovered Guy of Coin Bureau when I was learning about Celsius actually haha! I thought his video about the platform was really well balanced and presented all the information needed to make an informed decision about whether to get involved with the lending platform or not. However, he covers a whole variety of topics throughout the crypto universe including security, basics, and deep dives in to various tokens, projects and, one of my favourites is this one about the history of fiat. It's probably the delivery, the fact he's British and has a sense of humour that tickles me as well as informs that makes me watch his videos:

Crypto News App

If you want a quick scatter gun approach to your crypto news in the rapid fire, ever rolling article conveyor belt, then I'd recommend the Crypto News app. This is available for Android but would imagine it's also available on iOS. You can filter different news topics, have the "trending" articles and new articles about various different crypto projects all collated from a variety of different crypto media outlets so you get the best balance. Of course, mainstream news doesn't feature so you don't get any of that uninformed waffle!


Of course, couldn't write this post without sharing another great crypto resource lead by @khaleelkazi and the team and that is LeoFinance - where you're likely reading this blog from! With LeoPedia sharing knowledgeable blogs and guides about principles in crypto such as dollar cost averaging and many bloggers sharing different projects they've dived in to, there's plenty of off-the-cuff crypto content to sink your teeth into.

Add to this, regular updates from the development team, round tables that talk about the hot topics in crypto and insights in to a decentralised version of crypto Twitter which was highlighted in a Crypto Salad interview with @brofund and @taskmaster4450le. It's shaping up to be a comprehensive resource that already allows social interaction and sharing of different ideas.

So there you have it, this is my list of 5 crypto resources I check regularly to get updates on the latest goings on in the crypto news. I could go on but that would cut in to valuable research time and that's not something I have much of these days!

How about you? Do you use all of these? Or are there other resources you use to get your crypto knowledge from? Let me know in the comments below!

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