RE: The Writing Is On The Wall, Mass Adoption Is Right Around The Corner.

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On a side note it's never a good idea to go all in on anything. Balls deep in crypto might be a better term or not.

That's still pretty deep to be fair haha!

But I do agree with you. When I saw earlier this year that some big institutions were loading up on BTC and then the PayPal announcement, these aren't just some Mickey Mouse investors like me (although if Disney get involved as well... lol)

Any store or business that has a Facebook page will likely accept Libra payments eventually.

This is also another big thing that will happen on FB if they get the green light with Libra. It didn't work the first time round as they got rejected by the SEC (I think, can't remember exactly). The fact they've come back again with a different approach with Libra is promising as they want to make it work clearly. How much better will FB be for businesses (even artists) if they can roll this out with their userbase already in the billions? Might bring some people back but who knows, all that data hoarding may still affect play...

Will be keeping my eyes peeled on how the regulators treat the PayPal and Libra situation. Even if it's rejected for a second time, I don't think we'll see the last of it. Why come back to try a 2nd time if you didn't think it was worth it?

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