Hive Power Up Day on the first school day

50 Hive power up as always on the first day of the month. This time it was back in school day after summer vacation which was way too…

August 1st 2021 HIVE Power Up Day

Hello, friends. It's August already. Here is my contribution to the #HivePUD as explained here by @traciy

Pupa - HPUD

This is Pupa She is a tiny kitty now. When she grows up she will be a big cat. Today I powered up 50 Hive to grow

Hive Power Up Day

50 Hive powered up on May 1st as my contribution to the famous Hive Power Up Day. This brings my account to 516.367 HP. Great. A…

Hive Power Up Day - Leo Power Up Day - March 1st 2021

It's been a very long and demanding first day in March. I finished office work seconds ago. Now, it's finally time to do some customary…

My First Hive Power Up Day

My dad is doing the work for me on my first #hpud. He already staked 50 Hive to my wallet and now I am doing it myself too. This is…