Do you know Solana (SOL)?

Solana]( As I always say, cryptocurrency projects are as numerous as there are stars in the universe, but let's not fool ourselves, from…

The evagenlio according to Bitcoin

Undoubtedly the invention of the 21st century is called Blockchain and the second is Bitcoin (BTC), a combination that has allowed the…

What are cryptocurrencies for?

Usually those who are not familiar with cryptocurrencies usually approach me with the question that gives title to this publication…

Let's make our brains work, convincing by example is the way to integrate more people into the world of cryptocurrencies.

It is an undeniable reality: there is no way to stop the revolution of decentralized digital currencies (also known as cryptocurrencies)…

El Zonte, the small Salvadoran community that uses Bitcoin to boost the real economy.

Taipei times Lately El Salvador has become the main topic of conversation in the world of cryptocurrencies

Do you know Flow?

Flow Generally, when we make the decision to get involved in the world of cryptocurrencies, we do it thinking of them as a way to…

Do you know Tezos?

Tezos Every day more and more people feel the desire to introduce their savings in the world of cryptocurrencies, mostly as a way to…

The empire strikes back: IMF goes after Bitcoin, cryptos and DeFi

After the announcement by the President of El Salvador , Nayib Bukele about his government's decision t

Do you know NEO?

NEO Now that cryptocurrencies are in vogue, countries are beginning to adopt these currencies as part of their economic system and…

Do you know Nano?

Nano Continuing with the series of analysis on some cryptocurrency projects that are at the forefront of cryptocurrency, today's…

The era of the Bitcoin Standard begins?

I honestly did not want to write about Bitcoin for a while, but the commotion in the world generated by the news coming fro

Those little joys that content monetization brings

Image of my authorship My father always says: "Life is nothing more than the accumulation of small joys" a phrase he usually uses to…

What if we decentralize the soccer business?

Diego Maradona once said: "the ball does not stain" as a way of defending the beauty and freedom of the practice of soccer beyond the…

Monero (XMR): the cryptocurrency that leaves no trace

Monero In the diversity of projects that exist in the world of cryptocurrencies, many focus on speed, others on security as well as on…

Unlearning old knowledge and adapting to the new reality (or dying trying)

Comprehensive prevention Recently a member of th

Could Hive become a good alternative as a commercial payment cryptocurrency?

In recent days I have been analyzing some cryptocurrency projects that enjoy some popularity among lovers of digital currencies, certainly…

Do you know Stellar (Lumens)?

Stellar It is a pity that most of the people interested in cryptocurrencies join this world more because of the crematistic interest…

Let's help build an alternative economy for the world

I was pleasantly surprised by the reception of the story of my friend [Derman](

How to buy and sell Bitcoin directly with Naira

In this article, I discussed how to buy and sell Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies directly with Naira from my years of experience. I…

Sowing cryptocurrencies, harvesting freedom

Bitcoin I am of the belief that cryptocurrencies are something more than an instrument to play speculator, trader or investor from an…