Monetizing content in Hive, a high-value job in Latin America

Salud con Lupa Latin Americans are generally accustomed to living in crisis largely bec

You know Verasity (VRA)

Verasity Considering the great interest in the world of cryptocurrencies today, an important number of investors (and also curious…

Clean energy or an uncomfortable deception?

[World Energy Trade](

Do you know Siacoin (SC)?

Siacoin Definitely 2021 is a great year for investment in cryptocurrencies considering the amazing price increase that the vast…

Tooth mouse pays in Bitcoin

123RF This time I will not make a technical analysis about th

Do you know Serum (SRM)?

We are living in the era of cryptocurrencies, which aspire to replace the conventional monetary model (fiat) in the coming years, although…

United Kingdom or the economic consequences of rejecting foreigners.

Daly Sabah It is a reality, it is not the rich, nor the politicians that make count

Do you know Telcoin (TEL)?

Telcoin Nowadays, cryptocurrencies capture the attention of most of the investors and curious people in the world, largely due to the…

Debt in a fiat money world: easy to create, impossible to forgive.

If there is anything older than money, even older than barter (the earliest known economic system) it is undoubtedly debt. The sense of…

Do you know Sports? (Hive Blog ecosystem)

Usually we get involved in interesting projects in the cryptosphere, looking for some cryptocurrency that makes us raise our income to…

Do you know Celo (CELO)?

With the irruption of Blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies in the global economic space, much has been written or spoken about them…

Do you know Harmony (ONE)?

Harmony There is no doubt that every day the world's interest in cryptocurrencies increases as more people understand what this type of…

China and USA : a race to the abyss

I remember that as a child I loved to run but I was very prone to suffer falls and return crying to the arms of my grandmother, who always…

Do not be fooled, Binance kneels to centralism.

Coin River Most of us assume to adopt our economy and way of life through cryptocurrencies largely because we know

Do you know Cinetv (CINE)?

Cinetv I usually write about cryptocurrency projects outside the Hive universe, however this time I want to dedicate a few lines to…

Do you know Kava?

Kava Every second the Decentralized Finance or 'DeFi' market generates more followers within the cryptosphere, judging by the high…

What can I invest my money in?

HIT Investments Step by step we are leaving behind the pandemic by Covid19, at least from

Do you know Chia (XCH)?

Chia Every day new projects emerge in the crypto world dedicated to attract the attention and capital of investors eager to increase…

Salvadorans, give Bitcoin a chance!

Today begins the path of Bitcoin as a legal currency in El Salvador and the expectations both in the country and in the world are as…

Binamon (BMON), blockchain and NFT in a video game format

Binamon The obsession for collecting of human beings definitely seems to have no limits and if to this apparently "natural" desire of me