Metaverses, A future full of doubts.

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Today I didn't want to write much although I will talk about the topic of the moment, I am referring to Metaverses (augmented virtual realities). About this topic I can only think that the future is very similar to the movie Wall-e, where humanity was a population of morbidly fat people, lacking movement due to sedentary living, without work and assisted by machines that will replace us at work.

The truth is that the Metaverses are designed to make us expendable and highly controllable beings, almost like pets. We humans would be forced to work within and to feed that augmented virtual reality, which by the way, we already do (or do you think NFTs and games where you earn cryptos are not part of this?).

But what really terrifies me about these Metaverses is the possibility that governments will use them to control us more effectively than they do now. I doubt very much that such a technology would not be part of a Black Mirror-style surveillance process. Who will guard our data, our NFT earnings, what will happen if I misbehave in the Metaverse, will my avatar be punished with invisibility (the same as dying in real life), is my financial data safe, can I be anonymous, then, if these Metaverses will be like Facebook or Twitter, can they swear that they will not sell our data to the government that needs to know about us?

Perhaps the younger ones see this as the future, but is this the future we want?