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If you're curious about cryptocurrency and you don't know or where to start, the preferred option would be to earn it. This reduces the risk of buying the hype and holding the bags.

Earning cryptocurrency is easy--too easy in fact. I told a friend some days ago that I could gross between $50 - $100 a month if I create video content on. 3speak and she blatantly called me a lair. I didn't go further to convince her. I believe it's beyond her grasp. Many have been conditioned a certain way. It's unsettling to think that people even for doing the same thing you do for free--, share ideas and have fun.

The earning stage is fundamental to your growth as a crypto enthusiast. The most an average person will ever know about cryptocurrency is bitcoin. They don't understand the technology backing it or its potential. They buy and speculate.


There are various ways to earn crypto. My preferred choice would be creating content because that's what I am good at. I have writing on hive/steem since 2017 and I have earned a sizable income during this period which has afforded me certain luxuries like not needing a day job. However, I think I am at a certain stage in my crypto journey were this doesn't suffice anymore.

Yesterday I was calculating my last month earnings, which fell around $50, which shocked me because I thought it was more. I haven't needed to live off my earnings for a while so I didn't have to worry about what I was making, but I certainly can't carry on this way, especially if I want to do this fulltime.

Earning crypto can be fun but still demanding. I would rather buy if I had the means because it is faster. It would take me years to build my crypto portfolio. Given how volatile most cryptocurrencies are, one can lose all that hard work in days.

Sometime this year I get an airdrop that surpassed my earnings for the past 3years. It was ironic in the sense that I felt all those creative hours were worthless but that would be me thinking in monetary terms. I have met some amazing people along the way and learnt a lot about cryptocurrency within this timeframe. That knowledge is priceless.

In conclusion, fewer people are making a living earning cryptocurrency, especially as content creators. However, if you're new to cryptocurrency, earning is the preferred option. You learn and earn. Hopefully, you get to a point where you can confidently grow a couple of dollars on a project you believe in and make good gains in the long or short run.

If you're looking for a place to start your crypto journey, I would suggest leofinance. It is a community of active crypto enthusiasts where ideas relating to finance and cryptocurrency are shared. Don't take my word for it, do your research.

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