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I want it. I want all of it…

For the first time in my life, I want to be a millionaire (in dollars. Even though it is a dying currency). This is the most outrageous thought I have had in a while. For someone who cares little about money, I find my new craving strange.

How many people set out to become millionaires in their lifetime? I was watching a video some time ago about millionaires. It was said that only a few people set out to be millionaires in their lifetime. I was taken aback by that statement. Of course, many people wish to be millionaires, but how many people actually work towards becoming one? The answer is a few.

The millionaire mindset.

How do I become a millionaire (how do I plan to become a millionaire)? I think the first step is having an eye for opportunities. So in other words having a vision is the quantum leap one needs towards becoming wealthy.

The second step will be to shun mediocrity. We exhibit mediocrity in various ways that impact our lives. I think, and this is up for debate, contentment is the bedrock of mediocrity. There is not as limiting as not wanting more or not wanting to push yourself forward by setting mental and physical boundaries on your potential.

I am where I dreamt to be some years ago--being able to cater for myself and the people I care about. However, that is not enough. Now I want to provide for my family with ease. In other words, I want to do the things I have been doing but more efficiently. This means I have to do more, earn more and be more than I have ever been. It entails taking risks, making sacrifices that I would not ordinarily take.

I could stop at this point. Continue to maintain the status quo but that's a dangerous thing. I don't believe in stagnation. I believe that one is either actively progressing or regressing. So the only way to move is to move forward.

If you are going to dream then dream big.

One of the major arguments is that chasing money won't make one happy and I totally agree with this. I am happy with who I am, maybe not so with the position I am in. And like Jordan Peterson, the goal of life is not to be happy. The goal is to play this game of life.

I have detested this game. It is pointless and endless. Nevertheless, we must play. The beauty of this game called life is that the more you actively participate the better your chances of winning. Nothing is guaranteed (even failure) but you must play.

I want to be a millionaire (for the fun of it). Well, I still have a very long way to go but I am optimistic.

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