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I consider my time as my greatest resource. I might not have a lot of money but I do have enough time on my hands and like every other resource I am tasked with the duty of allocating it amongst various activities.

Before my involvement in crypto, I spent a lot of my time on social media which did not yield much result. I was able to grow my account to about 6k followers which were my greatest achievement in the digital space. In retrospect, I feel silly and somewhat brainwashed.

Fortunately, I discovered hive and it changed my life. For the first, I was earning from my social activities. Not just earning, but I was learning new things about finance, the world, etc. It still feels surreal in so many ways but I am forever grateful for the opportunity this platform has offered me.

Unlike 2years ago, hives is a more diversified ecosystem. There are several exciting activities you could engage in from writing, vlogging, gaming, etc and for some who like to be everywhere simultaneously, it has been challenging and necessitated proper time allocation.

I have streamlined my activities that are either profitable or enjoyable or both. Usually, it is a mix of both. There are certain activities I engage in that are not fun but provide better returns for my time investment.

Also, I have discovered that within those seemingly mundane activities I have found a form of utility that isn't economical. For example, I spend a huge chunk of my time on @leomarkettalk. Initially, I joined to boost my engagement. Now it is a fun way of gamifying engagement. I look forward to surpassing my comment goals every day and engaging with other Leo community members.


I have noticed a lot of new accounts trying to pander to huge accounts. I made a similar mistake when I got here. It was fruitful at some point but led to a lot of dependency on those account upvotes.

The worst thing you can do here depends on a certain account for support. This is because such support can be withdrawn at any point. A better option would be to spread your activities. Be curious about the blockchain and find your tribesmen.

Your tribesmen are those you naturally connect with. These are people who make your social experience here worthwhile. Even when you are not making so much you can have fun engaging.

I cannot overemphasize the importance of engagement. As I have said in the past, most of the ideas I get from my posts come from my daily interactions. This makes creating content a lot easier as you have a lot of things to discuss.

Lastly, know when you're doing too much or too little. Yes, if you are overzealous like me you stand the chance of over-exerting yourself. Know when to stop; know when it is time to try new things.

So I hope this post was insightful and you learnt a thing or two. If so please reblog. Thank you.