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The meta game is very hard to figure out, and I feel it really differs per level of play. I definitely get it wrong very often, but this time around I had several Back to Basic battles where the opponent went full ranged, and a lot of other battles (especially with white) where the opponent started adding in two or even three sneak attackers! Also, I've been starting to see Lir Deepswimmer a little bit more often as of late, particularly with the high mana Kraken set up (though Byzantine Kitty is also a popular summoner with that card).

The battlechain at Peakmonsters is actually not a bad tool to do some manual analysis. Yours I suppose would be here:

Cheers & hope you're having a good week!

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Thanks! I actually didn't realise so much detail was in the Battlechain... it is kind of amazing.

I guess in a game like Splinterlands, the meta game is a confusing one... because of the financial cost, most people can't change or adopt the meta easily... and my choice of cards is often going to be very different to you because of the cards I bought, or won or just really liked...

I guess it all comes down to trying to predict what cards your opponents will play... maybe that has to be done on an individual level... which seems crazy hard?