RE: Oracle Consensus & Burn Tokenomics

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Ah, good old Final Fantasy VI! I was always more of a Shining Force II person myself actually ;). (see my ancient pre-bitcoin website

When it comes to resources, I'd say flavour is everything. Why not craft a whole campaign world around a completely unique set of resources, along with their own names, physical mechanics and back stories?

For instance, I once cooked up a fantasy world where there was no Oxygen or Carbon Dioxide, but where there were three types of organisms (dubbed 'red', 'green', 'blue' in the prototype) that each breathed in their own color of air, breathed out another color and caused their own flavour of pollution of there were too many of them.

In general, if you want to see good tokenomics at work, then perhaps just take a look at the natural world around you?

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