Good Afternoon Scholars! Good Evening Scribes! I have some exciting news to share with you all today! After hinting a

Utopis is 1 Year old 🎉🎉

One Year ago today I posted my Project Utopis Whitepaper . What a cool and exciting year, I was chill

SMANA // Spotlight & Overview

This is a cross post of @nyxlabs/smana-spotlight-and-overview by @nyxlabs.Mana is the essence of magick on the River Styx. SMANA is…
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SMANA // Spotlight & Overview

About the Project Token Name $SMANA Blockchain Name Hive Author @nyxlabs Description Mana is the essence of magic

dCity: City Simulation With NFTfi On The HIVE Blockchain

*With dCity we are getting more than a mathematical NFT city simulation on the HIVE blockchain: It adds various tokens and communities…
@thebeardflex/hivepizza-or-announcing-guild-scholarships-and-website-relaunch | Announcing Guild Scholarships & Website Relaunch

Hello everyone and welcome to all of the new members! Our Guild continues to explode and we're inching our way towards 5,000 members…

Exode: A Collectible Space Colonization Strategy Game

*In the depths of HIVE a gem has grown into a complex strategy game with incredibly unique aspects of playing the game over and over again…

Cine TV: Get paid for writing movie and TV series reviews

When I think about scarcity on Hive's second layer, the first thing that comes to mind is the Cine token. The project has some diamond…
@thebeardflex/hivepizza-or-announcing-stake2earn-model-for-pizza-token | Announcing Stake2Earn model for PIZZA token

Hey Everyone! We are pleased to announce that the much anticipated PIZZA passive staking rewards are coming to all PIZZA token…

Hive.Pizza | Witness, Development, & Community Updates

General Overview Hey everyone! We hope you're having a absolutely wooonderful week and that your 2022 has been off to a great start…

Should've. Could've. Would've. | Fees.WTF Airdrop FOMO

Missed out on the $SOS airdrop wealth? Have no fear, $WTF is here! Hold up, just read until the end first, before you rush to the…

HMS - Hive Multi Staker : Stake all your HiVE Engine tokens in one second

Context Yesterday, I had a lot of pain that prevented me from sleeping. I wanted to clear my mind and after some hours on the Internet…

1st Update of 2022 on HivePizza development work

1st Update of 2022 on HivePizza development work This post gives some visibility into development work done by the HivePizza team. We…

Happy New Year: Looking Forward to 2022

The New Year is upon us and things are looking bright all around. Bitcoin has become cheaper to buy, which means everything right now is…

IFRIT RISING - The new death dealer of Splinterlands Fire unit


The Price Of Splinterland Assets (12/21/2021)

If one thing is certain with cryptocurrency that thing has to be volatility. Those of us that have been

Splinterlands: Highly Undervalued Summoner

▶️ Watch on 3Speak In this short video we go over potentially one of the most undervalued summoners on

A brief history and explanation of non-fungible tokens.

NFTs or Nifties In this article I review these areas in brief. History Definition Nonfungible versus Fungible…

Splinterlands: Undervalued Cards You Should Buy Now

▶️ Watch on 3Speak In this video we learn about one of the abilities which I believe is under-utilized

PIZZA 1 The Stuffed Crust December Donation Drive Extravaganza; Over $700 In Prizes!

First up, if someone wants to make a much better image for this donation drive, I'll happily pay 5 Chaos Legion packs for something…