Testing the Support - Hive

14 days ago
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This will be crucial, Hive needs to prove strong support around $0.27, otherwise, we're fucked and all the gains could be lost.

The market is somehow weird and I'll avoid doing anything until I spot a trend. Feels kinda bearish, but it could be consolidation after BTC reached new ATH.

Trading volume decreased as well and is currently around $12,523,325 USD.

It doesn't necessarily be a bad thing tho, but it gives us an idea of how traders feel...

I'm expecting to see few more weeks of insignificant moves until it explodes. Of course, the price could easily follow the general crypto sentiment, however, it wouldn't be the first time price explodes uncorrelated to the market.

So if I had to guess when will the price start exploding I would go for March.

We need to make some big moves until 2023. Let's make this shit happen.

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