What Happens When we Brake the last Real Resistance?

24 days ago
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I'm not going to Hype anything but I think that if we break the resistance at $0.29/0.30 levels the price will start moving a lot more aggressively. There's an increased Trading volume(at least if compared to the last year), and the trend will likely continue.

Steem surge started in march so if I had to pick a date...

I believe we're in the era of confluence, where the price, fundamentals, and even TA look bullish.

The world needs Decentralized Social Media.

I'm expecting to see slow progress in weeks to come until the market decides to start moving towards the most undervalued projects - That's where we have to put the most effort in.

The chart looks bullish even on a longer timeframe.

Looking forward to seeing what the future holds.

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