How to make bank on POB - A Roast

Why? I recently broke 1k staked POB ! This means I'm independent now, bitches! I don't need you anymore! It's time to risk offending…

The Leadup to My First Crypto Bull Run and My Brain's Reactions

The last few months in crypto have been an amazing thing for me to witness and experience. I would venture to say I am at the older end of…

LeoFinance community Donation Drive - Check for more details

Authored by @silverstackeruk Hello LBIer's, last week I wrote about the idea of collectively coming together as a community, not just…

Finding TXN Fees on Binance Smart Chain - Newbie Content Alert :)

This short post is for those like myself that are/were having trouble finding their TXN Fees for their Cub Finance activities. Not sure if…

My New Cub Finance Strategy and Leo Bridge

Here are the stats after my last harvest this morning as the CUB ratio goes to 1 per block. Considering I got about 9 CUB in the…

My Journey Into DeFi - MetaMask, Binance, CubDeFI, OH MY!

First I would like to thank the whole @leofinance team for bringing defi to this inexperienced somewhat crypto poor boy. I would probably…

Saving the Savers. Why I believe Blockchain and DeFi can be a real solution to one of our greatest structural economic problems.

Years ago when I left my career in finance, I felt that there was a massive structural problem that had burrowed deep into the very…

Crypto Goals - Is Change the Only Constant...?

For me, it certainly seems that way. I made a comment in a recent @lbi-token post that was discussing holding some liquid LEO. Never a…

The days of traditional banking are numbered - authored by @belemo

Welcome to another guest-authored post here on @spinvest-leo. For the second time we have @belemo here with us, an experienced blogger…

The Facade of DeFi: Centralised Finance Masked as Decentralised

I remember being hunched over my keyboard, eyes plastered against the glow of my monitor in what was quite literally the middle of the…

🏈🏈 LAST DAY TO ENTER: Super Bowl Squares Contest - Win SPORTS and HIVE - Update #2 🏈🏈

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Using and Managing My BCH Rewards

Like others here on Leo Finance and Hive I started using a few weeks ago. It has been a great introduction to microblogging and…

My LBI Journey (So Far)

With the 1 LEO for 1 LBI price about to disappear on February 1st I thought I would post an update of where I stood in the LBI project. As…

🏈🏈 Super Bowl Squares Contest - Win SPORTS and HIVE🏈🏈

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Riding LEO To Great LBI Heights

We often discuss on versus off chain investments. With @spinvest, this was a natural since, when that was started, there were few…

WE HAVE A WINNER!!!!! WE HAVE A WINNER!!!!! .....Paparino Lottery Draw - week #94 - Guaranteed Prize Pool 33.548 STEEM _ 16.744 SBD _ 8.276 HBD _ 303.940 LEO

*...week #93 was over last night..what a great day today..we have a [email protected] is the first user who wins in paparino…

My Bonus From BlockFi

I got my .0009 BTC bonus from BlockFi yesterday for transferring some there back in late October. I was going to post a screen shot of the…

LBI earnings and holding REPORT - #4

Authored by @silverstackeruk Week 4 EARNINGS Folks, we have had another good week, we came u

Changing your Money Story -Part 2 - The Richest Man in Babylon

This write up kind of follows [Changing your money story by replacing if then by wouldn't it be nice](

MEET THE CRACKS - VOL 4: @oldmans

Hello LEO-Folks, for today's issue of our "Meet the cracks" series, a much-valued member of our SPI club volunteered to participate. He…