Batman formation - are we heading into a Bitcoin consolidation?

I was sitting here tonight, as I usually do, looking at different charts within crypto currencies, especially Bitcoin. I noticed something…

The Good and The Bad!

Good evening folks! I was sitting here the other day thinking of my goal to buy me self a home for my family within next summer (2022).…

Introducing LeoInfra V2: Onboarding to Hive Made Easy | Twitter Lite Accounts

For years, one of the toughest problem

A Minimalistic Approach to Clothing

I was sitting here the other day, thinking about my next article here at HIVE. What is it that people would love to read about? I mean, my…

Show me your assets!

Today I want to talk about portfolio management and show you a portfolio that I totally live up to and that I suggest everybody to take a…

How you can prepare for Global Recessions!

Wakey Wakey, Financial Quakey! If you were old enough to experience the financial storm back in 2008, you probably had some rough…

How to sell like a Stockbroker!

Today I had two hours of intense sale conversation with my colleague, answering questions from my time as a stockbroker. I got to refresh…

FIRE! Where is it burning?

I almost got you there, didn’t I? Vel, in this case it is not burning… What I mean more specifically is the FIRE movement. FIRE is the…

Finance to the moon and back - introducing me and what is coming!

Hello everyone! My name is Ole and I am a finance geek from Norway! Finally, I am here thanks to my ambitious and brilliant friend…