The Value Of Comments: Big Upvotes

We are going to keep beating the dead horse until it rises to life. However, now we have some evidence of what is possible. For months…

Introducing the LeoFinance WhiteBook Version 1.0 | Our Vision, Mission and Expansion as a Web3 Platform

My Important Preface Nobody has seen this whitebook yet. It's been a draft for over a year now and has continually changed shapes and…

My msg to token MILKERS

As most have probably already heard, I'm trying to make most of my curations manually. To bring organic rewards as much as I can. 99% of…

The power of trails

This is how many VYB tokens (maximum) I can (maybe) bring to your post with my ONE single upvote: Yes, sure, this just a theoretical…

Simplify your VYB curations + increase your rewards

Manual curation is good for the tribe, can bring significant curation rewards (if you regularly power up your tokens), but it also has one…

My expectations for Ragnarok game and Spk airdrops ( $3,000 and more...)

It's counting down to hours as we'll be having a dual airdrop for Hive holders. It's exciting to see that each year from the very…

Which of these two you prefer ?

This is a call to all my followers on Hive. And on Twitter. And to everyone who find this post. #POB and #VYB are two very similar…

SYSCOIN is rockin' !

I told ya so. How many times I've been saying SYS is serious? SYS is worth to HODL? How long you have been seeing $SYS on my profile…


A 3 letter word. A power-packed meaning. A lot of money lost and opportunities left by the wayside. FUD - Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt…

My VYB stake is growing

Perhaps this screenshot can inspire you for more serious staking. [As my Mom used to teach me 50 years ago - A good examples are…

Who delegates LEO

This is part TWO of my today's small research, this time showing who delegates to whom LEO tokens, and how many. Part one, on POB…

Who delegates POB

Do you ever wanted to know, how many POB's are delegated from one account to the other? Here is a table with standings for today, DEC 28…

Litecoin (LTC) Pros and Cons

Photo Source Introduction to the pros and cons of Litecoin If it seems to you that Litecoin has been around for

Christmas puzzle. Win 200 POB

Happy & Merry Christmas, everyone. This photo was made this morning, without any particular reason or goal. After about one hour I…

VYB curation trail

If you are serious about VYB tribe, and have some VYB already staked, but can not (physically) make a consistent, daily, never ending…

VYB unstaking - at full speed

This morning I've got curious, how many liquid VYB might be available to buy, and have checked the data on who and how many VYB are…

Who took it seriously

Ever wondered, how seriously various POB members took the new VYB tribe start? I pulled out some numbers, and here is all in one…

BEST CONTEST EVER: Create Khal's New AMA Background - WIN 1,000 LEO Tokens!!!

We have spoken about it before and now I'm just gonna make it official! Khal needs an updated background for his zooms and the AMAs.…

Passive income, 2021 style

This is a cross post of @onealfa/passive-income-2021-style by @onealfa.leo.My midnight messages...

POBSTREET: Taking the community to the next level, let’s expand the community ourselves

Hi POBSTREETS Members @vikbuddy @mineopoly @funshee @iyiade @chincoculbert @pthker2010 @sugandhaseth @ajanaku @hookup.