RE: PancakeSwap V1 API Outage | Workaround Deployed and Migration to V2 Imminent

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...Visit the new V2 liquidity page and add liquidity...

This is the most confusing thing to me.

WHERE is that "V2 liquidity page" ???

Why can't you give us a LINK ?
V1...V2... how I would know. If I feel lost, I imagine how many others may feel completely helpless.

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Presumably it will be in the hyperlink shown below, once clicking on the "Details" hyperlink at the bottom of each Farm:


That is, if Khal's developers follow past practice and get the hyperlink pointing to the right place ...

"If I feel lost, I imagine how many others may feel completely helpless."

Great point. The LeoFinance community has a wide spectrum of experience and tech know-how in it, which I think is what we want. At least if we truly want to work toward "mass adoption" ...

Given there is +$3.7M (at the moment), in the affected V1 farms, we can all expect a well written post in the next couple of days spelling out step-by-step exactly what needs to be done next Monday (if this projected execution date holds up ...) @onealfa.leo.

Onward and upward! 🦁🚀

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reading all of the post....

Wait for the post and announcements for the migration day and move your liquidity on that day for the smoothest experience.

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The V2 page is not live yet as V2 CUB is not live yet.

When it is live, there will be a link.

Alternatively, users will be able to use PancakeSwap’s AMM page (which is V2) in order to add liquidity.

Once the V2 update is live, all links on the site will point to V2 - whether that’s our internal CubFinance links or Pancakeswap directly.

This goes into the great point I made in my comment to Rolee below; there are a lot of logistics into this move. We want to ensure maximum ease of use, education and awareness about the migration. Important not to rush this change and we’ve taken our time to prep for it leading up to Monday.

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