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I always felt there is something fishy about long time steem-hive user crypto.piotr, his never ending spamming (with 0.001 Hive TX) to my wallets, and his pompastic, loudly advertised "Project Hope community". My belly, and my butt always been sending a very clear message to my brain - "stay away from this".
Never found enough time to see more closely, what is he doing, and what is that "project" really all about. Until a few days ago someone posted a link on discord to a recent post by @acidyo, named Selling Votes Through Beneficiaries.
Next day came another description, showing more how toxic and hypocrite that so called "ph-fund initiative" really is.

These 2 posts were a true eye openers to me.

I starting to think, how should I react. Or, should I react at all?
Since I'm a FIVE year long Hive (aka ste*m) user, and strong believer in the bright future of Hive, it was clear that doing nothing is worst option I can choose.

Downvoting ? Hardly the best option too.

Not that I'm afraid to step into new, never ending "flag wars".
Or scared that such a war will have a rather bad consequences to my positions on Hive/Leo ecosystem. I believe I still have enough "dry powder" in my cold storages to enter wars of any size, at any time.
But it is well known how negative most Hive users are about flag wars.

So I decided a more "neutral" option may be suitable - I will simply ignore these people. And anyone associated with them.

I don't want to have anything common with people who are involved, are supporting or are advocating this "initiative".
And don't want even to ever see their posts, comments.
And I want to make sure that my noticeable upvotes from my stake (210K HP, 645K Leo LP, with backup of 370K wLEO + 330K bLeo, and soon the TOP-3 on the proof-of-brain tribe) will never ever land on their posts/comments.

The tool to achieve this is available there all the time, and it is called MUTE.


Front end has a nice feature to created/update muted account lists in a bulk mode. Quick and easy. Luckily, project hope founders were kind enough to give me a most active account lists as CC: in their recent posts. I just added a few more from a ph-fund benefiters, and followers of this "project".

You can do what you want now.
I'm not telling what you should do, and what you should not.
I do not attempt to limit your precious "freedom of speech"
I just don't want to see you !

Sure, there will be various reactions to this post. I am not new to social networks. And I'm ready.

But before you hit that DV button, be aware, that I always return back to them. And do that in DOUBLE.

Good luck in all your future endeavors.


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