Do you want me to QUIT ?

2 days ago
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Sometimes you get a surprise out of a clear skies.

The least I ever was expecting was that I may insult somebody here on LeoFinance by doing my upvotes.

Today I was approached on Discord by one Leofinance author (sure I will not disclose his name), with a short message:

I just hate the fact, that you upvote my posts with .66% upvote. You should remove me from your automated upvote list...

Yes, there is no secret, I still sometimes use autovoting bot. Not much, but I do sometimes.
Let me make clear my reasons.

I am a "maximalist type" person.
And I deeply believe, that one of the worst things I can do to my LEO investment - is to leave voting power idling at 100%. Ever. Even for a few minutes. I also try to keep my voting power most of the time in the range 85-98%, to push the maximum.
Because I am not sure, if I will be able to get back to my manual curation every morning, always in time, I have set autovoter.

Which has several strict rules:

  • It kicks IN only once my voting power exceeds 99%. Usually in goes active in the early mornings, 4-5 AM
  • It puts small <1% upvotes on those posts, who has been upvoted by few respectable curators ( as a trail of @taskmaster4450, @khaleelkazi, @leofinance, @rollandthomas, @themightyvolcano, @trumpman, etc)
  • the upvotes are done on the yet my not voted older posts, which are 4 days old, or older (because I don't want to make any influence on a fresh posts, which I have not even read personally)
  • putting many small upvotes on a larger qty of posts helps to improve the LEO distribution, right?

Being small in power (0.66% or 0.99% ), it makes sure that whenever I come back to my PC for manual work, it makes sure I see my voting power in the range of 99%-100%. It never drops below 98.5%. Yet it never goes in to idling either, in to dormant state.
I could noway to imagine this may hurt somebody.

Yet I got to read: look like insult to me that a biggest LEO stakeholder is not even reading me and just putting some random votes to me, when whole LEO talks about engagement.

Did I ever obligated myself that I will be doing this manual work every day, non-stop, on every possible account, or/and at a certain minimal voting levels?

Naturally, we came to a quick solution, after this his proposal:

If you do not like my content, leave it alone, but no need to put it in automated voting list for 4th day....

The autovoter has a section [ignore these accounts]. It took me few seconds to enter one more account in this section. 😃

I never saw you in any of my blog and yet you upvote me regularly at day 4.

Yes, indeed, I reviewed this gentleman's other posts, and it was clear, that personally I have NONE or very little understanding of the subjects he is usually covering. So it was quite natural for me to skip them.
At the end of the day - it is even physically IMPOSSIBLE to read every single post on LeoFinance, every day. The flow of new posts is growing day after day.

All in all, this small incident disturbed my mind quite a bit.


I keep guessing - how many more people may be here, Who are possibly insulted with my small 0.36 LEO upvotes?
How I would know this?

In case you feel so - please reach in any suitable way for you.
(Discord, Telegram, Twitter, etc - I am everywhere with the same nick name onealfa)
Please let me know. It is very easy to stop these upvotes.
And to leave those 0.36 LEO to someone who will be happy to get.


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