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As you probably have noticed, my *BAD LUCK prize was put on hold in December. With the promises to come back even better in 2023. (Past rules for BL prize are here and here.)

Initially, my plan was to extend the "bad luck participation" period from three to NINE month, and all who comply (and have not ever won even smallest prize in #lpud), could participate in a draw for a "Super Bad Luck" prize of 150000 LEO delegation. But soon I was convinced by @anomadsoul, that such a long period requirement would greatly reduce the temptations to participate, especially for many many new Leofinance members. All who have just joined LEO tribe, would be left behind the gate of this prize. And this would not bring any good at all to a faster LEO growth, to a mass adoption and attraction of new members. It was hard to disagree with his such opinion.

So starting from January 2023 ANYONE now, who have done his #lpud power-up, and meet all the basic LPUD's rules - can participate in a "Super Bad Luck" (SBL) prize drawings. There is no more the requirement in #sbl to be a legit LPUD participant for a "three consecutive" months. Even if you discovered LEO just a few days ago, you can still have a chance for SBL prize. Which from now on will also have its delegation size variable, and binded to you last month LPUD power-up size.

The SBL limitations for pretenders are reduced now to the very minimum:

  • You got to power-up in current LPUD at least 150 LEO
  • You have not made power-down's in the last 3 month
  • You have made (in last 30 days) at least one root-level, LPUD minded post (no size limit)
  • You have not won any past LPUD delegation in the last 3 month

That is it.
Gates are open now even for somebody who have just joined Leofinance only a day ago. 100kcbl.jpg

How big will be your SBL prize?

Every time, for every winner his 3-week long delegation size will vary, and will be determined as the function of his last #lpud size. The formula for calculation is based on a logarithmic dependence, and is determined as this:

Delegation (in LEO) = 8000 [log₂(X/10)+5.8219]** -- where X is your last LPUD power-up multiplier.

If you did only 150 Leo, X=1 If it was 300 , X=2.
And if you powered up 7500 Leo, then your multiplier is X=50, and it will bring 65151 LEO delegation. Seems complicated? Hate mathematics? Perhaps more visual then - in this table:


So where is the limit?

In fact the maximum possible 3 week SBL delegation is fixed now at 100000 LEO. To get it, all you have to do is power-up 153600 LEO or more, and be unlucky enough to miss all other prize drawings. 😀 In this table I'll show how many Leo LPUD staking is required to reach certain levels of SBL delegation:


Is 153600 Leo power-up impossible?
Not at all. By todays Leo prices it is < $9000. We already have a bunch of lions, to whom $9K investment is not that "unimaginable", and we will see more of such lions in the future, I have no doubt.

Why I've stepped back from my initial 150K level?

Even my future LEO vision is now boosted up a lot by a recent GEYSER pay-out (133K Leo), I decided to save my Leo power for other possible Leo promotions. One of them is a new initiative by @anomadsoul, for attracting new participants to Leo from other communities. His plans a huge, and many many thousands of Leo power will be required to get it rollin'. So going forward in many smaller steps can probably be a wiser strategy.

My SBL delegation for January 2013 LPUD event will go out as soon as @anomadsoul will announce the winner.

@onealfa , aka TORUK