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When things get boring

When you do something again and again, 8 or 10 hours a day, day after day, week after week, after some time it may get boring. Even if you do something what you really love. Then you start thinking, that something could be changed. When you get boring, you may start to desire more fun. Or some kind of small entertainment.

This just happened to me too.

Instead of making hundreds and hundreds of small 1%-3% upvotes (*and I do my manual votes ONLY after first reading the post in full), I started to think - why not make all a bit different, make more fun of it. More entertainment, both for myself and for Leo community members?

Do you like lotteries?

We know well that wins in lottery are rear. Very rear. Never the less people keep buying those tickets. In hope to win a "big one". So I came to idea, that maybe a "big hit" can be fun for many, instead of many small crumbs day after day.

With reward pool shrinking, and user base growing, upvote rewards are constantly shrinking too. The days of 100+ Leo from one single upvote are gone. Gone forever. At this time, with my 458K stake (which is ~10.3% of all staked), a 2% upvote is already less than 1 LEO. Only half of it goes to the target. Even 3% is not that much better too.

I can't stay day after day curating for 10+ hours a day, manually. Leaving some power to autovoter at night - is not the best solution, and does not make people happy with their 1.5% upvote either. (0.7 Leo? Pfe...)

I've noticed even more radical things - not many votes are receiving any in return. I often try to upvote every single comment under important, popular posts. EVERY and all. Also, I try to upvote every single comment and replying-comment under my own posts. Do people care to make a sign of appreciation? Not very much, to say the least.

Surprisingly, sometimes, when I upvote a post, and then get into conversation type discussion under it, with the author, and I upvote his all and every reply - I do not get even one in return.
Yes sure, his upvote worth of 0.3 Leo will not make much difference to me.
It is more about the ignorance, ingratitude.
Which discourage.

So - let's play. TORUK will watch you all from the skies

Starting from today, instead of hundreds of tiny upvotes, I will concentrate now more on finding the outstanding, exceptional posts. Which will be rewarded accordingly, and marked by a clear sign:


  • This will be a limited time affair, and I have no idea yet for how long. Maybe a week, maybe two. Or a month. Much will depend also on how the community will meet all this.
  • Meaningful, well done and high value comments can win this 100% hit too !
  • All depends how much value, dedication, usefulness, sincerity and effort I will see in the post (or comment)
  • Do not expect more than two such hits on your posts in a one week period, even if all your posts are exceptionally good.
  • This will not eliminate my small upvotes, but will reduce their quantity considerably.

How big is BIG?

With close to 95% depletion, my 100% upvote brings now about 50 LEO. 95proc.png

It may grow a bit, as I have intentions to increase my stake size soon to 466,666 LEO.

Sure, 0.5 MLN would be very sweet, but this may take a bit longer.

Who is TORUK?

This is a fun nickname, which I established myself to the TOP tier LEO holders. As per initial idea from taskmaster4450 in his article one month ago.

Can you become a TORUK?

SURE ! All you need is accumulate 812471 LEO tokens. (updated 11-12-2020 : *862,384 LEO, as of today)

Chances are, that I may help your last steps in reaching this target, by some spare Leo delegations.
Anyone is willing accept this challenge?

Does TORUK makes only pleasant moves?

*No, not at all. He is a bad animal. A beast. And probably the most downvoting creature here in LeoFinance sky.

When I see a low quality post, it always have a dilemma - downvote or not. Advice on a mistake, or ignore. Every day I see many newcomers, to many of them just a link to this FAQ is more than enough. Sometimes, when I see rewards abnormally high, a "correcting" DV comes in action. Which reduces the rewards, but not to complete zero. In worst cases, on a complete or/and repeating shitpost, I have no problem to evaporate all rewards completely, to 0.00 Returning them back to rewards pool, for a better use.

Why does this matter to you? Because in such cases your left upvote of 6 or 8 Leo will also be evaporating to ZERO. No curation reward. In other words - just a pure waste of your time and voting power.

Why do I care?

I think LeoFinance has bright future. Since my total personal investment in LEO has already exceeded $300K, I can't stay aside, and just hope good things will come automatically. Nothing comes automatic. Hive/steem whales are a good proof. all_leos.jpg

I keep accumulating LEO's. If you sometimes see some of my sell orders - it is only to keep my growth in dCity* a bit faster. May target is 1M LEO, some time in 2021.


P.S. Want to help other Lions? Then rehive (repost) 😃

toruk_washere_sm.jpg UPDATE: From the comments down below it seems some readers had misunderstood the whole idea.

TORUK's hits will be NOT a true lottery. NOT a random targets.

(Perhaps my comparison analogy was not the best example, and somewhat misleading. Sorry) All targets for these 100% hits will be chosen based strictly on the content of the post. As already said above:

All depends how much value, dedication, usefulness, sincerity and effort I will see in the post (or comment)

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