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2 months ago
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Today I came across a blog of recently created LEO account's blog, which made me to stop, and think for a while.
This author has created his Hive account less than two month ago, on "threespeak", yet has zero followers, zero follows,
0.00 LEO, 0.00 LP and just miserable 23 delegated HP (Hive Power) tokens to him.
Rather helpless, right?

Never the less, I see him in the last 4 days published eight good posts, all from LeoFinance UI.
All these posts, while maybe not the very best I've ever seen, were quite well made, yet having 3-5 upvotes at most, and rewards were all below 1 Leo.

And I said - no, this is unfair.

Besides doing routine upvoting in this blog, had to decide which of them is the best for TORUK's hit.
Finally I picked one of the recent. Simply do not wanted to give max boost to the older post.

But something kept swarming in my mind:

Is this all I can do in supporting him?

This fresh Lion (Kitty?) clearly needs visibility. And encouragement.

Finally, I came to a new conclusion, which I will disclose now to LEO people.

From now on, once TORUK sees some exceptional, persistent, hard struggling new authors here on LEO, he will do a bit more, that just leaving a plain message "I was here". Something what should help to be seen more. To break through the ever growing daily post stream. A bonus. This:


Rebloging is easy, and cost me nothing.
Yes, sure, I do not have thousands of followers here on Leo, on this account. But even 200 is better than zero, or 10, right?

Promotion? Yes, why not? Lets try it

Promotion has a double positive effect. Besides giving a standout, better visibility to the promoted blog, it also benefits to the whole community. Those LEO coins paid for promotion gets burned. Which reduces the total supply. Which, accordingly, benefits for LEO token price growth. Sure, not a big deal, but again, as oldtimers say - "grain to grain will get you to..."

I make no commitments how much will be paid for promotions, nor how often this will be done. Maybe once a month, maybe twice a week. (After all, who knows what I will see and find)

Follow Toruk

Last few days I was thinking a lot how to increase the number of Leo curators, who are following my upvotes with their voting bots. There is no incentive advantage for me having more voting followers. But it makes feel good seeing, how a low voted post comes up by +10 or more instantly, once my vote has been recorded to the blockchain.

If you have a limited time for manual curations, feel free to follow this my curation account with your favorite voting bot.
I personally use and bots, but there are more, all suitable.
Who knows, if this works well, I may one day even establish some promotion (prize, lottery, or smth I don't know yet) for my voting followers. Maybe Toruk will have his own "army" one day 😃



I'm still waiting, if I will see a dedicated, big, impressive post for this day's occasion. Mr. Trace has disappeared, and nobody seems remembering it any more. You still can do it, until tomorrow ...


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