My vote distribution

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For all those who are willing to believe that pure nonsense, that majority of my POB upvotes are landing on a selected, privileged group of members from LeoFinance - here is some public data.


For true paranoids - look by yourself at

How many you see here in this table from LEO TOP25? Many? Or ZERO?

How many you see here from POB TOP25? One?
(there is a reason for that, I was heavily supporting his "token burning" campaign)

Would like to see by yourself, what those various token Rich-lists contain?
@themarkymark has recently included a great tool in his "Hive Engine Tools" selection

How good or bad (for better token distribution) is 967 votes on 460 accounts, in just 7 days? Is this is what you call a circle-jerking?

Does some authors usually get bigger upvotes that the others?
Yes, sure. Good posts ( as I see them) deserve a bigger rewards. And this is fair.

Does some accounts never get my UP?
Sure. Because they are on my IGNORE list. For one reason or another.

I have declared (in public) many times, what type of subjects I do like to see, and what I hate to see.
Those which I don't like - are simply skipped. Ignored.
So are most of the whales. Maybe not all, but most. Whales can publish a great posts too. Taskmaster is probably the best example.
But I understand well that giving priority to whales does not benefit in any way for a better token distribution. For the healthy growth of the tribe ( community). Sorry, whales...

Should I upvote those from my "ignore" list too?
Do you upvote something what you do not like to see?
If you do this - great. I will NOT !
And I have a full right to do so.

No matter what the "wannabe-whales" are going to tell me.