Vote Diversification on LEO

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Yesterday I got to read one of the most interesting (to me) articles here on LeoFinance in a long long time.
The "CURATOR earning and activity (January) report" by @leofinance. You can see it here.

Although all the data is fully public, not everyone knows how to get it, and what is also important - how to transform it into an easy understandable and obvious format. I greatly appreciate your hard works, Leo team !


What interested me most in this whole report, was the second part. How the curation habits develops, and towards where we are going.
Do we get further away from the "circle jerking" trends, or are we slowly returning "to the roots" (for what Steem and even Hive was famous for)

To better see the trends, I have compared the standard deviation percentages to those published a few month ago.
Here is how them compare:


As this "standard deviation" has trend to deteriorate more in the second part of this TOP20 table, I decided to see how exactly this is happening, and how the voting targets change and compare.

Here is the Top15 most "heavy" vote-spreads for some of the holders of 10-20 places in the above table (top250 votes encountered):


The above data is taken from site, where anyone can see any other account's data, in case you are interested. Here:


I will not make today any further comments how good or bad is all we see today.
I have no rights to tell anyone how one should curate, vote, or behave in any way on this social network.

But what I want to note here rather clear, is that this data will have a major influence to my "Favorite" and "Ignore" lists in my daily curations, both on LeoFinance and HIVE. And very soon - on "ProjectBLANK" too.

This is at least what I can do any time, and don't ask a permition from anyone.

Wish you all much fun and nice "profits" on our wonderful network.


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