When Bitcoin was $133

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Time flies fast.
We made this SEVEN and a half years ago. When Bitcoin was struggling to reach $150 USD. Ethereum was still not even invented...

My younger daughter of our two twins, @iveta, was trying her first steps in photo and video creation. While I was already addicted to Bitcoin and other crypto for quite some time.

There was a local, innovation encouraging contest of short video creation, and I suggested to her - "don't you want to make something about Bitcoin ?"
Eventually she did not win, but took a prestigious second place. I was helping her with the text edit, and voice narration.

Today some our early day statements sound funny, naïve and even wrong (free TX?)
But in those days it was all true. Remember that game "Satoshi Dice"? Were you could send BTC transactions every few seconds, for a tiny fee, a fraction of one US cent?

Other statements are just valid today, as it were back then. Or even more truthful.

BITCOIN have enemies. Banks, some governments most likely will try to kill it.
They may even succeed. But nobody can KILL THE IDEA.
The idea of safe, decentralized, ultimate crypto currency will stay with us FOREVER.


Can you hear us?

It is still possible to jump in (in MAY 2021) !

In November 2013 this short four minute video went live, was posted on VIMEO.
All photos, videos, and complete edit and composition of this video are self made, authentic, made by @iveta.
So here it is, enjoy watching.

THE FUTURE OF FREEDOM from IVETA-video on Vimeo.

Unfortunately both @iveta and @ligit have abandoned steem/hive, just as many many other people who I have onboarded during years.
(who else has the patience of OG onealfa?)

Sometimes we used to get 6 ste*mians of our family at one dinner table

I will appreciate your comments on this our old work.


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