RE: How do you value Human vs AI content?

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The truth is that you are right, with so much technology emulating the quality that previously took professionals and artists of various fields many years to acquire, skills have been considerably devalued. A voice synthesizer now replaces someone who with talent and determination makes an effort for years to sing well; someone with a high-end smartphone of the latest generation can take a picture of the same quality (or quite close) to that taken by a professional with many courses and years of experience in photography.

And just like those there are thousands of other examples, but the human factor is essential for us humans to maintain interest in something. Artificial Intelligence has a convenience value, in the sense that it can produce results in a very short time, that is, it can efficiently achieve what would take many years for normal people to achieve, but what it does not have is that personalized sense, that sense of connection that makes humans relate in a special, unique and authentic way.

When it comes to AI-generated content, I wouldn't value an AI-generated article in the same way as one written by a person; because it would always end up giving more value to the one written by a human directly. Because it is essential for me to understand that whoever wrote something that I am reading has a life experience, a learning experience, a way of thinking, and that this something that forms part their life story and has value for that person.

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