The joy of being a Hiver in me keeps on growing every single day and the price of HIVE spiking up this week was amazing, has been…

HIVE made 891% in 5months and POB spike yesterday.

HIVE has been crazy impressive on its bull run and I'm really loving the pump honestly not just because I'm an Hiver or because I'm a Hive…

We Are Yet To See The Huge Bitcoin Pump.

You might be wondering why I named my post "We Are Yet To See The Bitcoin Pump" when we are currently experiencing a bearish trend after…

Crypto Terminologies/Abbreviation For Newbies To Understand The Crypto World Better.

To understand crypto posts or articles you will encounter here on Hive or any other websites where you can get crypto news and updates…

Best Ways To Keep Your Crypto Safe from hackers.

Reports have shown that 80% to 90% of youths in my country, Nigeria, is involved in cryptocurrency, one way or the other, is either you…

Newbies Guide: How To Buy A Coin Or Token Using Trust Wallet.

As a newbie to crypto, I had issues understanding and navigating throw my Trust Wallet, I missed so many opportunities to buy some coins…

Wealth Tips - Debt and Percentages

Good Morning Back again with part two of my series on wealth creation. Dealing with Debt Debt comes when one wants to have things…

The Internet Is A Game All Are Having To Play

We know the world changed a great deal in the last 30 years. So much took place with the introduction and advancement of the Internet…

Street Beauty, How much will it cost?

Coming back from work last night, I was very tired and exhausted but that didn’t stop me from capturing the beautiful view of my estate…

What Will Be Crypto's Future Within Now And 2026?

Due to the rapid growth and acceptance of the Crypto and NFTs, by the crypto communities, some banks and financial institutions all around…

Punks On Hive Sold Out! Here Are The Top Buyers And Sales Over Time

Punks On Hive are officially sold out and the only way if you want to buy some now is from the secondary market. The sale went pretty…

My Goal to achieve 1000 POB tokens Staked.

I still consider myself to be a newbie on hive and I'm happy about my progress so far POB, HIVE and LEO communities. I joined Hive in…

CLOSED: AIRDROP Alert: LOLZ Airdrop Day 3 - Last Day of Airdrop

The LOLZ Airdop is complete. Thank you to everyone for helping get the word out about $LOLZ! Keep following for more chances to earn…

What's Do You Think About The Mayor of Miami Giving Free Bitcoin to Its Residents?

This news this about Miami Mayor Francis Suarez giving his residents free Bitcoin, Is really a game changer and will bring in more people…

What does it mean to be successful? And different forms of success.

I will start by defining what success means according to the internet definitions of success , Success is the state or condition of…

Crowdfund: @belemo

You will obey Sad Panda Not a real post. This one goes out to @belemo. [He recently got hacked.](

My BSC wallet was hacked and all my assets were stolen: Coping, Security and an expensive lesson

Every time I experience a challenge in life, my mum always tells me that it's just the universe trying to harden me for the next phase of…

Guess who just lost DOGECOIN entire Market Cap Value.

Being Elon Musk right now, is not going to be funny, losing over 35 billion dollars in a day, which is the biggest one day loss Tesla has…

Cryptocurrency Has Grown Too Big To Be Ignored.

So lately we have held about big companies holding mostly Bitcoin on their balance sheets and other cryptocurrencies as well, In a recent…

Discord to linking with Ethereum

Discord is mostly used by cryptocurrency and NFT trader's globally, I really didn't know how important discord was until when I joined…