Blockchain Gaming (Play-to-Earn) could be the end of Traditional Gaming.

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Every and anything that has to do with blockchain, crypto, NFTs, and making money excites me. right from when we were little playing games has always made people happy and is always a lot more fun when you're are on the winning side than when you are losing, so I always try my best to be on the winning side, but as I grew older I had less time for playing games because I need to make money, bills are not going to pay themselves and me playing Traditional games won't pay the bills.

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But as technology kept evolving, two things I love which are blockchain and gaming came together to create Play-to-earn games (Blockchain gaming), which is going to change the gaming industry forever because you can now have fun and make money from having, unlike regular traditional where only the developers of the games make money from it, and all you the user can do is play.

But for Play-to-earn games, everyone is making money, and that is a huge threat to Traditional game developers because Play-to-earn games will make them go extinct sooner or later if they don't step up their game, Play-to-earn gamers are making millions of dollars just from playing games, on Play-to-earn games you get rewarded in game tokens and also in game NFTs. All gaming tokens hold the same value but are limited in supply, while in game NFTs are unique assets.

I love blockchain gaming or Play-to-earn games but honestly speaking some of them are really boring and at times and hard to understand but once you spend enough time exploring you will get to know how it works and enjoy them, let's just forget about the fact that blockchain gaming it is changing peoples lives and make them rich, the truth is most Play-to-earn games are 2D games or Card games like Splinterlands, Axie Infinity and Dcrops, which are still cool.

I just can't wait for games like Mortal Kombat, FIFA, PES, Prince Of Persia, God of War, Call of Duty, Need for Speed, GTA(Grand Theft Auto) just to mention a few, to be on the blockchain and become Play-to-earn games. That would be so cool and I can only imagine how much fun it will be, I hope it will happen soon.

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