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The joy of being a Hiver in me keeps on growing every single day and the price of HIVE spiking up this week was amazing, has been incredible, HIVE is one of the best places to earn more money in different ways, either by staking, upvoting, delegation to a bigger community on hive and receiving curation rewards, play to earn games like splinterland and dcrops, earning through using your favorite Community Tags, if someone likes or Upvoted your post and they have those communities tokens staked then you get paid in those tokens, tokens like LEO, POB, Neoxian, Palnet, CTP, Cent just to mention a few.


when I joined Hive, the HIVE token was $0.3 in August this year and 5 months later has almost 2000% for the drop in April. from my research Hive platform has made so many millionaires since 2016, and has changed so many lives including mine, I have read so many stories of Hive content creators who have quit their jobs to focus on Hive fully because Hive pays them way more better than their jobs and is not time consuming or stressful like their previous jobs, the best part is you learn more about crypto, life, how to manage your finances, where to see and know a good location for vacations and you also earn from creating a post.


Waking up to see HIVE has hit a new all time high at $3.4, made me more than happy and filled with joy, I still have high believes that Hive is going to keep on pumping, although for now there is no technical analysis yet back up what I have just said about the price of Hive, with the use cases Hive already has it is absolutely possible.

On Hive, I have read posts that have improved my finance and crypto knowledge mostly from @edicted and @taskmaster4450le mostly when it comes to Metaverse, just to mention a few.

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Un cordial saludo @onwugbenuvictor, gracias por tu aporte a esta plataforma blockchain; espero continúes creando contenido para la comunidad. un saludo del canal de discord @theterminal


Haré todo lo posible, muchas gracias por pasar @orianaperezc


It is a great time to be here for sure! Hope you managed to sell some at 3.4 lol I didn't because I always miss the pumps for whatever reason ahahah so I'm just ok with HODLING some on binance and just try to grow my account here slowly, I'm even thinking if I should just move all my Binance holding of HIVE to here for the upcoming airdrops but I am still not too sure about it, you know having liquid HIVE on an exchange is pretty quick to sell to get fiat so idk, I need to think about it...

I'm pretty new here and with not so much time under my hands but yeah! The end goal is to get rid of the 9-5 and start living again! I wish you to get there sooner than expected!

Have a great day! :)


The end goal is to get rid of the 9-5 and start living again!

I totally agree with you.