HIVE will surprise those who don't believe in it now in the future

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Two (2) days ago, I made a post talking about how Promoting and Putting Hive / Leofinance on the map has become a lifestyle, just in case you missed the post you can just click on the title of the post here to check it out, that being said under the comment section of that post I had a lot of interest and intelligent conversations with Hivers who commented how they felt under the post, we mostly talked and wonder about why Hive with all its amazing potentials, is still an underdog and is not well known yet to the world at large.



While having this conversation, @helios.voter made a comment that I have thought about for two days and honestly it inspired this post, hope he or she is not going to be mad about me lifting our conversation to be published in this post, and @helios.voter I am sorry in advance if me lifting our little conversation to this post offends you in any way.

Helio.voter's Comment

I know, it doesn't make sense that we don't get the attention we deserve.

I remember telling altcoin daily about Hive years ago when it was literally 10 cents, but he never said a word about it on his videos, nor even acknowledged it in a reply in the comments.

As a matter of fact, I believe the comment was straight scrubbed removed/censored from youtube because when I went back to look for it there was no trace.

Here Was My Reply

Wow, and now Hive has hit above $3 before this dip, and am very sure Hive would get to $10 and above sometime in the future, I think we should ignore those that don't believe in us now and continue promoting Hive someday they will FOMO into Hive like they did Bitcoin am so sure of that.

I think my reply above paints the picture of how I feel about those who don't believe in Hive now and my price prediction for Hive, and now I want to make another prediction in this post that someday in the future Hive would or could get to a $100 Plus because a few years ago Solana despite all it network downtime problems, Solana was once below $1 and in 2021 during the bull run it got to $250 and above, its all-time high in November last year was $260.23 before the crypto market crash, so if Solana can move from below $1 to $260.23, Hive too can achieve that even if it is not in 10 years but I am hoping it will happen so that those that did not believe in Hive now will be shocked to their bones and FOMO in at a much higher price than now, Cheers To Growth🥂.


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I also have believe in hive in nearest future since solana can do it even at $1 and those who are not well oriented will believe hive is a trash