Taking too much Credit

I have made it no secret that I have been extending my investment into Splinterlands of the last few months and while I am not a large…

How to get shit done you don't want to do

Was talking to a friend of mine who has been struggling to stick with things and remain focused. Specifically, trying to post on a…

Krugerrand '21

ENG (Česky dole) The Krugerrand is one of the most popular bullion coin. The gold coins are minted by South African Mint from 1967. The…

The Problem with OG NFTs and Certifications

The Hype for NFTs is just that, a baseless Hype with no actual use case and it will die soon. Now that I have your attention, and before…

As Covid strikes back, what will Governments and Central Banks do?

We've already seen the world's governments and central banks react to covid once. Since then, the world has gradually returned to normal…

I was homeless twice. Thanks to Crypto, Steem and Hive

▶️ Watch on 3Speak Extreme people get extreme results. Maybe I'm not a normal person. I'm a little hesitan

I will be on @crimsonclad's CyberBuzz today at 3PM EST

Come join me on @crimsonclad's fabulous CyberBuzz show on PAL discord. Bring your doggo treats for Murphy! ![image.png](

HIVE blows past 2 USD!

So I haven't been posting in quite a while, and although I've been drafting on a post about the importance of sometimes taking proper…

Call to Action! The First Blockchain War

Hey Hivers! We are very happy that Hive has reached $3.00! Please help us share [this tweet](

Taking a Holiday for more Work

How summer holidays should look: How mine will look this year: ![IMG_20210110_130728.jpg](

SPS, Voucher and Chaos Legion, what will I do?

SPS, Voucher and Chaos Legion, what will I do? These days of waiting for the 8th of December and the possibility to see the cards of the…

Prospecting and Mining for Crypto

There is definitely an air of excitement building at the moment on Hive and I feel that many have expectations about the near future being…

Hive Backed Dollar (HBD): Taking Things To The Next Level

Stablecoins are getting a lot of attention of late. It appears that, in the United States, those what are backed by companies (labs) will…

Hivefest: Telling Us Where Hive Is Going

Another Hivefest is behind us. For the second straight year, this was held in the virtual realm. Nevertheless, the information…

Let them BURN !

After reading Marky's reply and explanations in a recent discussion on beneficiary mechanics (post on POB tribe) I still feel

Automatically buying HBD when it is "on sale".

Someone asked if there was a bot to buy HBD when it is below $1 on Bittrex. While I don't know of any bot that is able to do this, the…

My rewards in last day in previous season in Diamond II

Welcome Guys! I had so much things to do, because you know there was end of the season, adjustment on rental market, guild brawl…

SHIBA INU: Tutto Quello che c'è da Sapere - Recensione Completa

Ciao Amici!

The Lesson Of Shiba

Many of us are sitting back watching the ride that Shiba is on. Whether one believes in these types of tokens or not matters none. What…

📈 Daily TA: Dogecoin (DOGE/USD) | 27-10-2021

Hodl, dear members of LeoFinance! Today, I would like to comment on the price chart of Dogecoin . In the daily chart (1D)…