Another Solo Bitcoin Miner Gets Lucky and Successfully Solves a Block To Earn 6.25 BTC Mining Reward

(Source) Evening So interestingly, yet another solo bitcoin miner mined a new

On Bear Markets, Cash Flow and Free Capital

Bear markets are UGLY! We all hate them. They bring about a wild range of negative emotions, project haters and more. It's pretty terrible…

Bitcoin Disappoints, Hive Offers Opportunities!

Entering trades is like a real battle – if you want to win it, you need to be ready and prepare for it. Markets are unpredictable, and you…

Why Hive is the best place to be in a bear market

It's much easier to be HODLing if you spend more time BUIDLing new revenue streams and side earnings than you do look at charts. My…

LeoFinance Onboard Web2 to Web3 Initiatives: Join the LeoFinance Facebook Group, Earn 250 LEO!

LeoFinance has been expanding our marketing operations going into the new year. Some major things you may have seen lately are the new…

Stablecoin Wars: PayPal Joining The Game

We discussed the stablecoin market a great deal of late. This is a fascinating arena to watch develop. It is becoming one of the…

It Was Time for a Rebalance - Tripled My HIVE Holdings

Do you ever just get the feeling that you need to rebalance your portfolio? I'm not talking about just crypto, but I'm talking like all of…

Why Accept Crumbs When You Can Have The Bakery

source The graph above shows us how early this crypto industry really is as $2 trillion is seriously nothing. The days of having $10…

Hive-engine tags you could use to increase your reach and earning

The second layer of hive has numerous tokens that offer differing value proposals. However, one consistent thing between virtually all of…

I've Set The Flag In the Ground. 100 Millionaires 2022 Goal

2022 Resolve All resources get driven toward the larger mission of 1,000,000 Alchemists focused on making the world a better place.…


[Justin Sun Steps Down From Tron to Join Grenada Government](

Please vote on @imwatsi proposal for HAF and his Plug & Play system

TL;DR Please Vote for this Support proposal 196 on PeakD Support proposal 196 on HiveSigner Here's Why I'm shilling for votes…
2 mo

1UP bringing AXIE rewards to Game Players/Writers on Hive

The sustainability of the cryptoverse would be assured when diverse blockchain prochain projects see a common ground to collaborate rather…

HIVE is ticking time bomb !

Source When i read about the announcement that

Happily unemployed.

It's been too long. Today is the first day since i was 14 that i am fully unemployed. 19 years solid since getting my first…
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Hive dApps Share | Hive Posting Frontends Share And Their Evolution In 2021

Unlike your traditional media that has only one way and one interface to interact with, Hive offers a multiple of them, allowing you the…

Mandala Exchange: Binance Bridge Shutting Down November 25th.

SHIT! shit shit shit shit shit Bi

LeoMobile: LeoFinance's Hive-Based Web3 App Updated in the Google Play Store + LeoInfra V3 in Final Testing

LeoMobile development has been happening at a rapid pace behind the scenes. While we await IOS approval, we've been working on a number of…

This Is Proper Development

source **Development the rest of the world is severely lacking compared to what the Chinese have managed to complete. I look at the…

Introducing PolyCUB | Preparing for Launch, Tokenomics, Airdrop Details & Partnerships

Polygon CUB has been i