How a murderer fooled the Greek authorities

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Let me inform you that I am not a journalist or a news person but this news in my country ( Greece ) is very important in how the police authorities managed to be misled by this Murderer

It all started on 11/05/21

A horrible crime took place in Sweet Nera.

A woman was murdered while the man was tied up and unconscious.

When the police arrived at the scene he said 4 people had entered the house and gave him away asking for money then tied him up and beat him until he passed out

Of course from the beginning the authorities didn't believe him but they had to look at all the possibilities like if there was evidence of burglary and if there was DNA evidence

The thing is that the Husband-Murderer didn't only care about that but also started talking to reporters and saying how he felt & lived

After 15 days the forensic test came out saying that there was no evidence of other DNA on the Wife's body this started to baffle the reporters and that is when the Husband started to be more distant and less visible

Finally after 35 days they found through technological evidence that the Husband's claims did not match the evidence they had found

What was that?

  • He said the burglars entered at 4:30 PM but the cameras were off at 12:30 AM.

  • He said that at 2:30 PM the wife went to bed but because of the biometric watch she was wearing her pulse hadn't been recorded since 1:30 PM

  • He had said that the last thing he remembers is being unconscious until the cops came and it was probably 5 hours that he was like that but his cell phone showed movement inside the house

So through technological means the cops were able to get him to confess after 37 days.

Yes, I'm telling the truth, 37 days he was free and he was putting on the best show we've ever seen from a killer.

Even the wife's family didn't understand anything.

The last thing he did was go to his wife's memorial and hug her mother and comfort her.


Through this I understood that when someone wants to kill they can still mislead the authorities/journalists/people just by hiding the real reason why they did it

I am very sorry

Dedicated to Caroline.