LEO : Crypto i buy today ( KLV, NMR, STEEM ) #4

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I have a list of Crypto to buy everyday

I Buy only 3 everyday with the most down %

Today i Buy the following


I Buy in 0.057$
Was - 10%

A token for a wallet
very promising


I Buy in 33.81$
Was - 8%

A new Crypto of my choice


I Buy in 0.36$
Was - 7%

Many know this


All this Crypto i Buy for Gate.io Exchange


This is my choice for Today

I like to buy many different Crypto to have diversity in my Cryptofolio

Write me if you buy any new crypto or thinking to buy

Soon I will start write a sell post

Every photo is from Cryptologos


See you tomorrow for my next buy Crypto

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