Sundown at the ocean in Cape Town.

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At the end of the day when one feels forlorn, a stroll on the warm sand with the sound of the waves in one's ears will surely be an invigorating experience. Come and enjoy the 12 pictures. 282.JPG

Mondays have the reputation of being very stressful days, especially as one has to get the mill of the working week rolling again, after a weekend of relaxation.

We are blessed to have both the mountains and the sea close by and they are ideal doctors to recharge one's batteries. I was once, long ago also convinced that Monday was the worst day of the week, but this was only because most of my construction crew turned up with hangovers on Mondays, after their weekend sojourns.

So, they started half-heartedly and it was always a battle to get them going. Fridays were the best, as they would start with gusto in order to get their pay so that they could go and drink it all out on the weekends. Some crazy days long ago.



This below was the spot that I selected to get the sunset, and thankfully I got some good shots. 285.JPG







Finally, this flat-topped cloud reminded me of Table Mountain, and the cloud was lit up as the sun moved down behind it. 338.JPG

Now if you don't know Table Mountain in the Cape, here below is an image of a painting and a safe source link to show you it's beauty.

Hodges_cape-good-hope.jpg Source

The Cape of Storms is renowned for its raw beauty and the danger of the winds. In the old days it was very difficult for ships with sails to land here, as the slightest miscalculation could send a ship unto the rocks. Not only that, but sudden gusts of wind can rise the waves in the deep up to +13 meter swells. A broadside of one of these waves could result in a ship being drowned. Then of course we have the fairy tale beauty of the Cape further inland with sights of winelands, flowers and wildlife that can take one's breath away. Should you ever be of a mind to visit the Cape, you can take my word that you will also be amazed at the beauty.

I hope you have enjoyed the pictures.

Photos by Zac Smith-All Rights Reserved.

Camera: Canon Powershot SX70HS Bridge camera.

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