Huobi Invested Social Media TORUM Makes Uniswap Debut

I was a private beta tester of TORUM , a new social media platform when it was launched some years back. It was really amazing to see…

Cardano’s First DAPP Will Come With Subscription Management, DeFi & NFT

The growth strategy for business has dynamically changed in the last decade. Nowadays, all businesses are fo
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The Crypto Prophecies Showdown Will Start Soon

The little Kingdom of Opulentos was a prosperous land. One day, a massive army of creatures arrived at the border and launched an attack.…
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This buzzy social media announces the world’s first Initial Staking NFT Offering

*[Image Source](
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BlockFi Vs. Cake DeFi Vs. Celsius

With fast technological advancements, cryptocurrency and blockchain technology is finding mass adoption slowly. It is very clear that…

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Will Loopring Exchange V2 take forward the L2 DeFi game?

Image Source Ethereum’s TPS has improved significantly in the recent time but still, it’s not equipped to handle high traffic. E

Trading contracts on Bityard

Image Source There are numerous cryptocurrency exchanges. Singapore based Bityard
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Taproot activation of Bitcoin is coming

Image Source Taproot is a proposed Bitcoin protocol upgrade that is going to be deployed as a soft fork. Taproot isn’t extremely

Celsius crypto asset management app review

Image Source Celsius is a financial services platform by [Celsius Network](

This DeFi shop on EOS wanna embrace true decentralization

Image Source DeFi or decentralized finance is happening mainly on Ethereum but many other blockchains are catching up. EOS is one…

Surviving a Harsh Winter on the Farm - Story of Chad Farmer

The surge of a storm is flexing the trees tonight. Chad doesn’t want to sleep now. He wants to see the thunder. Hail often takes the…
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Swapzone Review

Image Source I love DEXs or decentralized exchanges because of privacy. It is really easy to trade on a DEX from the personal wallet…
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Bitcoin Cash is splitting this week

Image Source Bitcoin Cash Hard fork (also known as the Bitcoin Cash Network Update) will take plac

Security measures every crypto investor should take

Image Source Cryptocurrency relies upon a peer-to-peer system that can enable anyone to send and receive pay

Ready to enter LiFi ?

Bitcoin’s popularity is sky-rocketing day by day but unfortunately, the cost to transact is increasing. Due to the design of Bitcoin, the…

Is Litecoin Velvet Fork coming?

Image Source Litecoin had its 9th birthday last month. The project was released under the MIT/X11 license in 20
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What’s happening with Ethereum 2.0 deposit contract?

Image Source A proof-of-work (PoW) blockchain requires mining which consumes high electric energy. A proof-of-stake (PoS) blockchain’s…

Chad Farmer's Story

Chad is quietly sitting in his favourite rooftop cabin. It’s late-night and the moon is still bright. Is it a full moon night? Grandma…

Will UBI be the next big thing in crypto?

Image Source Thomas More wrote a socio-political Latin satire called [Utopia](