RE: My Response to Steem-Engine/Hive-Engine Migration Plans

6 months ago
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4,300 Hive is just the sitting fee for the new table. To remain seated in that table you'll need to purchase 1 BEE for each feature you utilize per each user of your dapp. This means that you'll need to give up 4300 Hive to move but then you'd still need to buy at least 1/BEE for each user you plan to support. That's where the real hidden cost is.

For SPORTS, this would mean we'll need the initial few thousand for the set up but then we'll need to convert over 8,000 staked ENG to BEE at a fraction of the original exchange value. This move would cost our tribe thousands of dollars.

I really wish we had an update on when HMT would be released. I know @howo was able to begin testing before the Sun ordeal. I just wish I could know if HMT might appear to make this a moot point.

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