Hive-Engine Weekly Developers Meeting- OUTPOSTS ON FRIDAY!

Hey all! Come check it out. Tribes 2.0 AKA OUTPOSTS are finally going to be here. It's the combination of your own token, with your own…

How to create a Tribe and what goes into it. A guide for the curious.

Ok, so, making a Tribe on Hive-Engine can be a little convoluted. I'm looking into hiring some developers to make a specific tribe…

I pimped HIVE on NO AGENDA podcast, and now HIVE is PUMPING!!!

I have engaged in marketing for HIVE!! That's right, I full on paid USD money to advertise for HIVE and its story, in context, to a room…

Hive-Engine is looking for a full stack web developer

Well, we continue to level up, and I think it's time that I bring on board an additional full time developer. I'm looking for a full…

Stake based Governance Model coming to SportsTalkSocial Community; How much SPORTS do you have?

It looks like the long wait for growth in the SportsTalkSocial community is gradually coming to a halt with some crucial communication…

NOTICE: Hive-Engine down at 8pm eastern tomorrow, 1/19/21, for upgrades. P2P incoming!

So, I'm excited to share that things are moving along in the P2P network. Tomorrow we're upgrading the primary node, and we're taking a…